Merry Everything, Happy Always

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Where there is a lot going on for our family this holiday season, I don't know how often I will be blogging (like I do a ton right now anyways amIright), so I thought I would quickly shout out Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

This year has been a weird weird year for our family but a few undeniably happy things happened that I'm so grateful for. Because I like lists, here's some happy moments had by the Chapman family in 2013:

-Scott graduated from college (!) and continues to hunt for a job in his field. While he's looking, he works full time at Inked Wear and still manages to print tote bags and have enough energy to play when he gets home. We love how dedicated he is to us and how hard he works.

-Ruth Pearl was born and has touched our lives with a subtle, warm sweetness every single one of us appreciate and love. Ever since she could smile, she has done so with a wrinkled nose because she tries to smile as BIG as she can. Ruthie sure can make a heart leap.

-Georgia's your girl for impromptu dance parties in the middle of the grocery store aisle. She just became potty trained and started saying hilarious things every day. She is a bright, sparkling little thing who is naturally joyful and buoyant. While she is very very "two" (if you know what I mean), she  keeps our lives active and fun and we wouldn't trade her for anything. She loves her sister fiercely and always wants to "play." Ruthie has just now begun to tolerate (enjoy?) it.

-Seeker of Happiness reached over 1,000 orders and continues to be something Scott and I deeply enjoy doing together.

-We had the blessing to see lots of family this year because of Scott's family reunion, trips to see family, family visiting us and living close to family. I try really hard to not take this for granted. I do miss my little sister who is serving a mission in Texas right now, but we pray for her every day and that helps us feel closer.

It's amazing how many blessings you can come up with when you start to count them.

May your holiday be filled with gratitude and love!


  1. well now this all turned out rather nicely ;)

  2. Ohhhh Kay. That Family picture is so great. Seriously, so great.

  3. Carrie - beautiful, you your daughters maybe even Scotty, and your writing! Anna do want to come and take our pictures? I miss you both!

  4. Love this update! You are a wonderful woman and mom, Carrie!

  5. This is was NOT Me total BuLLSHIt


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