Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reading: The Host by Stephanie Meyer. It's fitting my needs perfectly. For a while there, I totally replaced reading with television

Watching: Next to Normal by UVU. Okay, so technically I watchED it, but I saw it twice so it feels worth noting here.

Eating: a combination of really healthy, organic, fresh foods... and chick-fil-a. Balance, right? ;)

Constantly: putting babies to sleep. They don't ever overlap and it feels like at least one of them is always crying. It's good, but it's... tricky. My girls are really different from one another so trying to keep them both happy at the same time is something I'm still trying to figure out.

Loving: packing up tote bag (and t-shirt!) orders for Seeker of Happiness, the way Georgia says Christmas, Scott's willingness to help me around the house, my hair cut, and the above dining set I scored on KSL. Sometimes, when I'm stressed, I walk into the room and see it and I calm down.

Recovering From: a bad cold. We all got it but Scott and Ruthie are the last to have sore throats. Ruthie's squeaky squawks are both adorable and heart breaking.

Looking Forward to: Thanksgiving, family, Boise

P.S. Brandilyn- I swear I wasn't trying to copy you exactly! Great minds just think a like and I didn't see your post until after this one was done


  1. How do you watch the UVU thing? What is it exactly? I taught at UVU for 5 years so it holds a special place in my heart :).

    LOVE your tees!


    1. Oh, Next to Normal is a musical their theatre department performed and it was phenomenal (for real, that's not an exaggeration). It just closed on Saturday. I wish everyone could have seen it!

  2. Oh PSH like I would care even if you did copy me! Healthy/chick-fil-a sounds like the exact same balance we strike around here, too. And I really cannot believe how gorgeous that dining set is. It looks perfect for family meals and craft projects, like you'll have it forever.


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