On a Rainy Day in April

Friday, April 13, 2012

I love stormy days. It rained here pretty much non-stop yesterday and I was so happy. Perhaps it's the Washington in me, but I find being all warm inside with rain beating on my window incredibly comforting. I think thunder is a way of yelling at everyone to go inside and be with people they love.

Georgia and I spent the day napping, watching Shirley Temple movies and sewing. I don't usually have such lazy days, but with the rain, I threw my to-do list out the window and took advantage of the time and got caught up with some projects. I made my house smell like Willams-Sonoma, made a teacup candle, a diaper pouch system for a friend, a shirt for Georgia, and a cloud pillow because, why not?

I ate peanut butter filled pretzels. I drank tea.

Scott didn't get home until midnight because he was doing homework on campus. Georgia and I missed him as we cuddled up in her big teddy bear and read stories and scriptures before bed. When he got home, he caught up on some shows and commented on how "productive" I'd been. He will always see the good in me.

And while the day is still overcast, I feel like the sun peeking through is urging me to get back to being productive- make a meal plan for next week and fold the laundry
I'm okay with this.
I'm grateful the rain helped me take a little break yesterday. I'm grateful Georgia was happy to play at my feet (we've been pretty busy and I think she needed a quiet rainy day too).
I'm grateful for what a beautiful day the clouds can give.


  1. And I got to be a part of it by Skyping with you. Glad it was a nice day inspire of the storm. Congrats on this your 400th post as well. Love your Madre.

  2. It's pretty much raining here in Utah as well, lately we've been getting rain since Friday or Saturday. it's pretty much as blessing knowing that it will help the vegetation grow for the livestock we have on the Navajo Reservation. It is also a sign that my grandpa is letting it rain, the best part of rainy days is the wet dirt. The smell from it smells really good and almost makes you want to eat the dirt...I'm pretty sure every little kid has at least ate dirt haha...but yea


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