Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today is our three year anniversary. We don't have much planned. A dinner with a discount, some handmade gifts. I remember on our first year anniversary how determined I was to make sure it was good, and we ended up at a crappy restaurant and seeing a crappy movie because there wasn't much else to do in the small town we lived in, or any money to go anywhere else.

Seems we always go all out on birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day.
Our anniversary always gets the shaft, extravagant-wise. 

Perhaps that's how it's supposed to be? Loving each other in the midst of your lives right at that moment. Loving the extra twenty pounds, the increasingly tighter budget, the unknown, unplanned future.
Waking up to your husband playing the guitar and hearing your daughter sing "Dada! Dada! Dada!" Stumbling into the room where they are in all your underwear glory  and finding him changing a poopy diaper and you both laugh and simultaneously declare: "Happy Anniversary!" 

Perhaps, the beautiful thing about each of our anniversaries, is that, when everything has changed, not much has changed at all. 

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