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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1. I have replaced eating nightly popcorn with a nightly bag of 100 calorie edamame and it takes everything in me not to eat 5 bags at a time.

2. Downton Abbey Season 3 is online and Scott and I will never get to bed on time again.

3. I am trying to wean Georgie off of her morning nap and it is proving difficult. She is a grumpy grump when we are out, then sleeps for the 10 minute ride in the car and thinks that is her ONLY nap for the day. Maybe I should just give in to her two 1 hour naps.

4. I hate looking at lists of "easy toddler snacks" that say "greek yogurt" and "celery with peanut butter." Obviously, the people who make these lists do not do laundry. Georgia is a string cheese and raisin girl.

5. Little Treetops Little Treetops Little Treetops

6. Tote bags Tote bags Tote bags

7. Even though our early pumpkin patch experience was kind of a bust, it was worth it because Georgie now walks around with her little pumpkin and wants to sleep with it. This is not a stuffed pumpkin, people. This is a real, small, round pumpkin with a tall stem. Just a minute ago, she was pushing her toy rabbit, panda, and pumpkin in her stroller.

8. If I had to list the seasons in order of when I am most stylish, it would go like this: Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer

9. I can sit all day and think about what to make for dinner and still not make it.

10. Georgia dances with her hips swaying from side to side. She's the cutest when she does this dance while walking around the house with one olive on each finger. Like she's so thrilled about her olive situation she just has to stop and dance about it.

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