10 Things About Madre That Make Me Terribly Happy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My mom, around age 5- bossing someone around
1. She is incapable of lying. Sure, she knows when to keep her mouth shut when it is really important, but she will not tell you you look good if you don't. She won't tell you you did bad if you did good, and she is always herself 100% of the time always.

2. You have never seen a grandma love a grandkid like this lady loves Georgia

3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again- she ALWAYS answers the phone when I call

4. There is very little that can keep her from seeing her family when she wants to

5. She is the best example of being a true, genuine, and real FRIEND

6. She never tells bathroom jokes, but she always laughs at them

7. She bought me a new purse. I know this sounds materialistic, but it's not just the purse that makes me happy {even though it really REALLY does} but it is more the fact that when she walking through the mall, she saw this purse and decided that it was perfect for me.

8. I like having a mom that dresses so cute

9. I don't think she would ever turn down a trip to Costco

10. She has a faith in Christ that is solid and immovable.

Happy Birthday, Madre. 
I love you for being my giving tree. 


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