A Summer Reading List

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So, if you missed me last week, it was because Scott and Georgia and I were pretty much raging around Washington DC. Storming through museums, visiting family, and basking in humidity. Also included was eating too many otter pops out on the deck to a soundtrack of frogs. I am still uploading pictures and slowly piecing together our trip for a blog post. It's proving difficult because the whole thing was such a whirlwind!

While I was there, however, my cousin asked me for book recommendations and I happily made her a list. After a while, I made her a separate list just for summer. I like my summer books like I like my summer food: light, easy, and satisfying (even if only for a moment). 

So, while you are all anxiously awaiting my DC details (right? ha ha!), I give you a narrowed down version of:

if you are looking for magic and innocence

for an easy read page turner and if you love dogs

for a sassy memoir and a way to make 30 Rock even more funny

because cheesy romance novels are best digested by the pool

 for a non-fiction about all the weird things that could happen to your body after you donate it to science. Also, surprisingly hilarious

for long, lazy days in a hammock 

for a young adult futuristic distopia where everyone gets plastic surgery at 16 to become "pretty." The sixth graders I subbed for swore by this series.

for a semi-autobiographical novel about growing up on a rezervation that is both moving and funny

because John Steinbeck is the most amazing American author, and this is a non-fiction account of his road trip across America with his poodle. You will laugh and cry.

 in case you've been watching too many summer reality shows and need a REAL reality check

good anytime, but especially good for summer time traveling since it is a collection of delightful short stories that you can pick up and down.

I own most of these, so if you need to borrow any of them, feel free to let me know.
Happy summer reading!


  1. This is such an awesome list!

    And yeah, "Extras" was LLLAAAAMMMEEE. I read the whole thing, hoping it would get better, but bleh. It didn't.

    The next time Jacob and I go on a road trip or trip of any kind, I want to read "Travels With Charley" aloud.

  2. Carrie my dear... I think you should be a part of our book club thingy! You are spot on with your book recommendations...

    PS I'm not sure why I went with posh british typing this morning... oh well

  3. Travels with Charley is the BEST road trip book! I read it on our epic vacation through Washington state a few years ago. Love love love.
    And yes, Extras was the worst ever.

    Sarah- what book club thingy? I want to join! I have a goal this year to join a book club and have yet to do it! Give me details in posh british typing!

  4. Well my dearest, our book club blog is www.simplebibliophilia.blogspot.com and if you send me your email address I will add you!

    Really... that wasn't very posh. (I should have done better)

  5. We finished reading Travels with Charley while I was laboring with Owen and during my stay at the hospital. Great book, I too love Steinbeck. A fun kids book is Steinbeck's ghost, you may enjoy it. Very light, and a fun read.

  6. Such a great list!!! Ive read a lot of those. You have awesome reading tastes :)


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