Thursday, June 28, 2012

I heard the above poem on my mission at women's conference. I remember writing it down and tucking it in my heart to save for later. When I was pregnant, I began to relate to the words, but I can tell you that today, exactly one year after the birth of my daughter, they ring truer than ever.
She may have come and limited every worldly thing I hold dear, but when I sneak into her room to see what position she fell asleep in, I would not trade any of it for anything. Instead, I will wear her teething rings on my wrist and swim in her navy blue eyes. For now, anyway.

One year since her birth, here are few of Georgia's favorite things:
Dance music
Stuffed animals
Anything with SUGAR
Bath time and swimming
The library
Cousins and neighbor kids
Being chased
Being tickled
Having someone say: "You're sooo preeeetty"

And some not so favorite things:
The first 3 days of learning something new (like rolling over, crawling, etc)
Green beans
Getting her fingernails clipped
Getting her nose wiped
Pretty much anything I do to keep her clean besides dump her in the bath
The first 5 minutes of her morning nap
When someone takes something she is holding
When we block her out of the kitchen
Men who are not her dad, or grandpa(s)

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  1. I feel like I hardly know this baby, but I do love her a lot. I'm so glad she made her way into your lives. She really is a beautiful piece of foreign sky.


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