Fashion Blogger Georgia (Part II)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sailor Dress and Bow: Kohls c/o Gammy, Shoes: Carters, Fascinating Leaf: The lawn.
Hey all! Georgia here. In case you don't remember, I decided to become a fashion blogger.With this adorable face, coupled with adorable clothes- I'm planning on being sponsored by the time I'm 18months. I would also like to be able to say more than 3 words by that time. 
I have goals. 

Speaking of goals, I would like to point out that I am standing with no help in the above picture. I thought this was very important because most fashion bloggers are standing and looking, not at the camera, but down, admiring how awesome their outfit is. Soon I will try to look down and candidly hold my sunglasses. Like so: 


I DID however, take an Instagram picture this time. 

Anyway, this dress deserves a blog post because my mother basically searched heaven and hell to find it. I'm talkin' HOOOOOURS of pushing me around in my stroller through the mall and every store you could think of. It. was. exhausting. 

In the end, she found one in 24months size for 70% off and bought it for next summer. I also heard her trying not to swear when she was beat out of it on ebay... twice. Luckily, Gammy came to the rescue (as usual) and got me the dress in my size. What a great lady. 

I wish that I had a professional photographer following me around like all the other fashion bloggers and THEIR babies, but I'm sure you can feel the squish factor through your screen anyway, no?

The point is, I pretty much killed everyone with cuteness at church on Sunday. 

I would highly recommend a sailor dress as a must-have for your summer closet. 


  1. Carrie. Carrie. Could you be any more cool? You guys are adorable and funny. Miss you all.

  2. This dress was worth the fight! So cute!


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