Made it Monday: Tea-Dyed Baby Shoes

Monday, May 7, 2012

(From left to right)

1. First, I had Georgia crawl over something super sharp and dangerous at the park and get a hole in the top of her new-ish shoes. Don't freak out- I didn't really put her up to it. Then, I realized that I didn't want these shoes to go to waste, so I decided to dye them with tea. 

2. Then, I got some Earl Grey Black Tea on sale. 

3. I cut off the tea tags with those scissors on that counter. 

4. I brought about 10 tea bags to a boil

5. I turned down the heat to barely a simmer and I dumped in the shoes, one at a time.

6. I made sure they were fully submerged.

7. Then I flipped them over and left them there for about an hour while I watched House on Hulu.

8. I pulled them out when I thought they were going to be the right color, keeping in mind that the color will fade with washes. Then, I rinsed them in the sink until the water ran clear. 

9. After they dried, I gave Georgia her "new" shoes and she was pleased because fashion is important to her. 

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  1. I'm so glad you didn't have to throw these out! I'm excited to see them


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