Love Day Dinner

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This was one great Valentine's. Scott was gone all day, which was sad, but it was fun for Georgia and I to visit Mima and Papa, skype with Gammy and Grampy, and take some fun pictures.*
I also admired the roses I got. 

Scott told me that he would make dinner if I made dessert and I took him up on that with no hesitation. My husband can really cook and I let him. He made us STEAK and LOBSTER with rosemary potatoes and asparagus. Heaven. I, of course, made sure we ate it by candlelight and kept the sparkling cider flowing. Meanwhile, Georgia chose to not go to bed and was sad she was missing the action so she joined us in her highchair with a MumMum. I love my family. 

After dinner, I got going on the homemade Snickers. Scott wanted these so bad that HE pinned them on my Pin Board "For Scott." These babies did not disappoint. 

They taste like a gooey Snickers. I had a one inch square and no more. If you make these, do yourself a favor and try not to look at the ingredients. I still can't believe we have a gigantic candy bar in the fridge right now. I have already tried to give a bunch of it away, so come over if you would like some. 

We also have milk.

*I also made these conversations heart soaps but it was really annoying and not worth the effort so I'm gonna stop talking about it. 

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  1. I really want some of that... if you come over tomorrow you know what to bring... ;)


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