It's Clean for the Most Part...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Am I the only one who keeps her house relatively clean all week long, and the one day I slack, a circus car of  people stop by for a cup of sugar, a package delivery or a quick chat?

I swear my mother-in-law does this to me at least once a month.

The other day she looked about and then asked: "are you going on a trip?"

Oh man. She must think me disgusting.


  1. You could apologize for the mess, but you LIVE THERE and you HAVE A BABY.

  2. "sorry its such a mess, i was too busy caring for my small child to make sure my house was immaculate for your visit of which i had no notice or warning" :)

  3. And how. Seriously happens to me all the time.

  4. um, no. this never happens to me. because my house is never, ever clean. if the kitchen is clean, the laundry is in the living room. if the bedrooms are clean, every single dish is dirty. so if you are mostly clean most of the time, pat yourself on the back. i only apologize if a guest trips on a baby shoe or gets goldfish stuck to their sock. people rarely notice as much "mess" as you do, so there's no reason to call attention to it. but if feel for ya on the crazy bad-luck timing!


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