September 11, 2001

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I was in math class. None of us knew what had happened, and when I went to 2nd period my science teacher was watching it on the news. I thought he was watching a movie that he was just really into. Once we were told about the attack, our teachers let us watch the coverage. I remember in 5th period a kid saying: "Can we not have class today? Can we have TV instead?" And I was so mad at him. But I had just moved into that high school and was shy so I didn't say anything. I just fumed and fumed.
My last hour of school was Seminary (a relgious class for LDS high schoolers) and I had never been more grateful for it. We talked about good and evil in an eternal perspective and prayed for those being effected.
For school reports, many children ask their parents and grandparents "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" That was a big tragedy in America. I'm saddened that, in my lifetime, there was another tragedy my children and grandchildren will do reports about- asking me:

"Where were you on September 11th?"

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  1. I had a very surreal moment today while teaching our primary class. I was going to ask them what they remembered about that day so we could talk about it if they needed to, but then I realized that it happened 3 years before any of them were born. I asked them what they knew about today, and most of them had been told by their parents. It's strange though. That it was that long ago.


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