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Monday, June 20, 2011

So, I changed some things around in the baby room, and I like it a lot better :) It is by far my favorite room in the house. I catch myself just standing in it sometimes. Cheesy? Maybe. But some women paint their feelings or photograph them. Others have the ability to write what they want to say perfect. I have this. I'm not some master decorator, but I feel like this nursery is my love letter to my baby and my prayer of gratitude to God for blessing me with her inside me.

(this is the changing table, but I haven't got a pad yet)

Of course, my wallet can only show this baby so much love, so I have taken to trying even harder to be thrifty-nifty. This weekend Scott and I hit up some garage sales for some great finds:

I should also mention I got that rocking chair and ottoman at a garage sale a few years ago for $15. Go me.

It's weird to be all "full term" and stuff... I went to church today and saw all these new babies and I realized I am next on the list to have one.

If we were having a conversation, you would no doubt ask me:

"How are you feeling?" (it's okay, everyone does).

Well, I am feeling pretty great. I AM shocked that my stomach is still growing, and I am uncomfortable all the time- except for when I am swimming. I love to go swimming.

Due to being uncomfortable, I cannot sleep to save my life. If we were having a conversation, you would respond to this by saying:

"Well! You better get as much sleep as you can!"

To which I would stifle a raging pregnancy hormone and give you a hearty fake laugh. Because what do you think I'm trying to do? Stay awake? OF COURSE I want to get as much sleep as I can! OF COURSE I would sleep if I could sleep! The only thing more annoying than not being able to sleep at night when I have no reason to be up is your good-natured commandment to sleep. I wish I had some narcoleptic super power that made it so every time someone told me to go to sleep, I would just fall down in a slumber right then and there. I would be all caught up.


  1. I am so jealous of your sweet nursery. How are you feeling? Try to get as much sleep as you can now! ... We're thinking about you and can't wait to see pictures of little Georgia.

  2. "I'm not some master decorator, but I feel like this nursery is my love letter to my baby and my prayer of gratitude to God for blessing me with her inside me."

    THIS is a beautiful thought. I'm so excited for Georgia to make her debut into the world! She's a lucky one to get you and Scott for parents. =)

  3. but really, carrie, you should be getting as much sleep as possible...HAHA.

    i just had one of those weird, "PREGNANCY IS CRAZY" moments when i thought about swimming whilst pregnant...because your bump/baby is fully submerged, but georigia doesn't drown because your head is above water...that looks really stupid when i type it out, but i swear it was like, "HOLY OMG" in my head. lol.

  4. I absolutely love the nursery!

    Have you tried using Lavender to help you sleep? If you haven't, try putting a drop on the bottom of each foot, maybe some across the forehead, and then spritzing some on your pillow! Can't wait to see some pics of baby girl eventually!

  5. Your nursery is soooo gorgeous! It is similar to the style I have always dreamed of for my future) baby girl's nursery. Good luck with the no sleep thing, that is not fun!

  6. Copy that, Liz-a-nator.
    And I also felt annoyed when people ALWAYS said "how are you feeling?" and "Better sleep now, while you can!" And then sometimes there was the follow-up, "Its like you're practicing for getting up at night." And I would think, "You're stupid." And say, "Hu, yeah." And walk away. I was sleeping OK, but it only added to my biggest pregnancy fear: sleep deprivation and crazy post-birth hormones. (I didn't fear for the baby's health because that would be too stressful.) But you know what? You WILL get sleep after you have a baby, and even when it's frustrating that your sleeping gets interrupted, at least it's for the sweet baby you can hold in your arms and look at and smell and feel breathing, who wants you more than anyone in the world.


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