Texting Mom is Better Than Blogging

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back when I was too busy to blog, but not busy enough to stop making little things, I would snap a picture on my cell phone and send it to my Madre.
Does anyone else do this after they are excited about a project they made?

Sometimes, shooting a picture text to Mom it's better than blogging.
Mom's always respond pretty fast and when it's a compliment, you feel really good. And even when it's a "I can't see that picture very well, but I'm sure it's cute" you still feel good. And you never never have to worry about your mom judging your picture quality or poor lighting. There's no "sorry for the bad pictures" apology because she KNOWS it's from a cell phone.

And the final reason texting mom is better than blogging, let's get real, folks:
for most of us, mama's opinion is the one that matters.

Here are some past projects that are currently immortalized in my cell phone that have demanded a compliment from my mother:

Felt Flower Hair Clips

Old Scrabble Board turned super-awesome-picture frame.

Felt Sushi for my 2-year-old niece

Lemon Raspberry Cake for Mother's Day

Some decorated burp cloths

And of course, there is the occasional bargain-brag that you just HAVE to tell your madre about because, honestly, she taught you everything you know.

"I got these for $7 at Target!"


  1. That sushi is great!

  2. OH MY GOSH you're so talented in so many ways! please tell me where to get a tutorial for the sushi. and i have got to make alex some flowers like that. i totally call/email/text my mom whenever i am excited about anything or secretly want a little pat on the back. :)

  3. Agreed, mom's know when to boost the ego. Great Projects!

  4. Texting mom is WAY better then blogging.


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