White Pants and Weird Conversations

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So after hearing my mom talk about how she was looking for a pair of white capri pants for Spring, I too developed the itch to dress myself nautical. I found some light-weight, bright white maternity capri's at Ross for like $12 and a long navy blue shirt to go with 'em.

All weekend, I was looking forward to wearing them, but when I showed up at work on Monday I ended up having an incredibly awkward conversation that revolved around my pants.

The following convo is not word-for-word accurate because it was so uncomfortable, but I have put my thoughts in subtext.

Weird co-worker #1: "Whoa. I can't believe you're wearing white pants"

Me: Whoa. You seem really concerned about my clothing.
"Oh, well I really like them. They are super comfortable and light-weight."

Weird co-worker #1: "I just think it's pretty brave."

Me: "Well, heh-heh... it IS May. After Labor Day and all that."
That should end this convo.

Weird co-worker #2: "Aren't you worried about (lowers voice) accidents?"

Me: Blank stare. I have no idea what she's talking about but I should just agree with her to end this conversation.
"Um, nope."

Weird co-worker #2: "Like, the MONTHLY accident?"

Me: Looks down at giant 32 week pregnant belly
but if I did have some sort of bloody accident at 32 weeks, I'm pretty sure I would way more worried about MY BABY than my white capri pants.

Weird co-worker #2: "Oh, I would just be really worried about that."

Me: Just smile and agree, Carrie. Get out of this. 
"It's not like I'm going to wear them home from the hospital!"
Why do I keep fighting for this ridiculous topic?

Weird co-worker #1: "Well, I'm just saying walking around will get them dirty."

Me: Now's your chance! Agree and walk away! 
"But they are CAPRI pants!" 
Shut-up! Shut-up! Shut-up! 
"They are high off the ground!"

Weird co-worker #1: "Still."

Me: Eating a Tootsie Roll.

Weird co-worker #1: "See! Like, aren't you worried about getting chocolate on your pants?!"

Me: Might as well keep fighting since you obviously can't just shut-up. 
"NO! It's a Tootsie Roll! It's not going to melt!"

... awkward silence... awkward silence... phone rings.



  1. really? really? true story? can't be....

  2. i think she meant like if you poop your pants...'cause that would make more sense than a period accident...

  3. Hahaha, awesome. And, I'd like to know... who, at this age is so unaware of their cycle that they have such horrendous accidents?

  4. she seems like the kind of person who thinks you get pregnant from sitting on a toilet seat or something. rock those white capris! though do be careful in black light...had an unfortunate black light bowling incident involving thin white capris that glowed and hot pink underwear that glowed too.

  5. White capris rock! There are just always going to be stupid people who just don't know when to shut up.

  6. I'm glad you documented this. Ahh, the little moments life allows us eh?
    For what it's worth, you're brave in my book, with or without white pants.

  7. Just FYI...white after Memorial Day, but not after Labor Day...And white is timeless for spring and summer wear. I agree with Meg too. LOL at K8's experience with hot pink undies. :)

  8. This story totally made my day. You keep rocking those white capris!

  9. What? What? What the heck?

  10. wow. really?
    loved reading this. It's too funny.

  11. wow. just wow.

    i'm totally in love with the nautical look, too.


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