Sewing Challenged.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am seriously sewing challenged. I try so hard, you know? And in compacting our stuff to make room for baby, I even moved my sewing machine to be right next to my computer so that I could follow step-by-step instructions with online tutorials. Did it help? Nope. Not really. And I read the comments of people who are challenged like me asking questions and all I see are responses that say: "I don't know how to make it any more simple."

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm just going to buy patterns from now on instead of trying to follow "easy" tutorials. Maybe I should just give up on the whole sewing thing all together and stick with the simple paper crafts I'm good at.

I've decided that if there was one talent in the world I wish I had, it would be sewing.

Should have paid more attention when I was 10 and my mom was trying to teach me.

What one talent do you wish you could develop?


  1. the talent of not saying stupid things all the time...ha

  2. Playing the piano. Or the guitar, or the drums. Just being a better sight-reader and musician. I feel like a whole world of opportunity and service and fun and fulfillment could be opened to me.

    Maybe all those "easy" tutorials are for people who, like, already "know how to sew" and are familiar with patterns and vocabulary and fabric and needle sizes and whatever the heck else there is out there. Because I feel similarly confused whenever I try to follow "easy" tutorials/patterns. I usually end up doing things over again several times, and sort of making half of it up.

  3. I wrote down a list of 13 things, then got embarrassed of all of the things I'm underdeveloped on. So I'm just going to write ukulele.

  4. When I look at those tutorials I mostly think "These people should not be teaching anybody how to do this!" Because normally they are doing it poorly or leave out pretty important steps. Sorry but just calling it like it is.

  5. a musical instrument

  6. No need to apologize, madre- it makes me feel better!

  7. I'm right with you on the sewing. I want so badly to be good at it! I really ought to practice more, but I just get so frustrated.


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