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Monday, May 9, 2011

So, for about two months I've been asking Scott to clean out our car. Actually, I had been complaining about it for longer than that, but on Valentine's Day he had given me a coupon book with "Wash the car" in it and I almost instantly ripped it out and gave it to him.

For two months, I have been threatening going somewhere and paying $50+ to get it detailed but Scott would turn white and literally beg me not to because, as a job, he used to detail cars. Yup.

Then, I told him we were turning my car in the old Contour. He gasped at such an accusation. Even Scott can admit he let the Contour trash and grime pile-up get really bad.

Anyway, on Saturday he was scrounging for a Mother's Day gift and decided he would actually clean the car out (I won't point out that I had already cleaned out half of it). I thought he would just throw the trash away, and I was preparing myself to finish the job the way I wanted it.

But he took his time, and he cleaned out EVERYTHING. The glove box, under the seats, the middle console, everything. And THEN he took our Camry somewhere and attacked it with a high-powered vacuum. Yes, the carpet mats probably need to be shampooed (or thrown away) but there are no dried up french fries under them! He scrubbed everything inch of that car down, including the door pockets that had empty CD cases in them and crumpled up chinese-food-fortunes stuck at the bottom.

What a guy, right?

Now, every time I get in my car, I feel like a grown up. I feel like I could put a baby in the back seat without worrying about her getting an infection.

Having my car this clean makes me feel one step closer to being able to be a mom. And that's what made it a good Mother's Day gift.

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  1. Ahhh, I love a clean car. I does kind of make you feel "grown up". I'm lucky that Jeremy keeps our cars clean. When we bought my new one he threatened to sell it if I didn't keep it clean!


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