Some Things That Make Me Terribly Happy (explanation version)

Friday, January 22, 2010

If you didn't smile when you saw this picture, you have no soul. It's the one year old daughter of Scott's best friend on Christmas day. Seriously- LOOK at her! She's so happy! The moment was caught by Erin D (said best friend), who just started her photography business. If you know someone who is in need of photography in Boise- she's your girl. You can check out her work at is another super awesome website I found that makes me more than happy because it's hooking me up with slammin information on saving money. The lady that runs this blog updates it multiple times a day with freebies and good deals, coupons, and how-to's on saving money. The coupons are a little difficult for me to understand (especially when it comes to Walgreens) but I'm getting more and more determined. I'm currently waiting for a Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack, window cleaner, several food samples from General Mills, a workout mix, promo codes to, free eBooks on sewing projects, herbs, and crafts, and a lot of other great stuff. Another example of a freebie is this:

It's from That's right, folks. This is a trendy nursing blanket. But with the promo code 2010, it was FREE! All I had to do was pay for the shipping- but ten bucks ain't bad for a baby shower gift (or a baby storage closet that I can come back to in an undetermined amount of time...). I got the black one. Also, the mom's in this ad kill me.

Another thing I've become obsessed with: It's a government run website promotes health by allowing you track your diet and exercise. Scott and I (are so nerdy) love to plug in what we eat during the day and then see all the nutrients we took in (or didn't take in). Turns out, we rarely get enough fiber and iron in our diets, so that's something we're going to change.

One last miracle: Netflix. Specifically instant viewing. Look it up. It's amazing.

On a personal note, something that is making me VERY happy is the reincarnation of THE HUMORS! It's the local improv troupe I'm a part of. Due to the fact that we are all college students (with the exception of the artistic director), rehearsals have been pretty nonexistent. Improv, I've found, is my therapy, and when I'm not active in it, I always feel like some thing's missing. That's usually when I (try to) do yoga. But on Thursday, we finally had a rehearsal... that ended up being just three of us, but still. I promise we are hilarious, and if you know anyone that would like to book an improv group for an event, keep us in mind! You can find you more about The Humors here:


  1. That has to be the cutest little girl I have ever seen! :)

  2. aaw, ms. daphne IS cute!!

    and ditto ditto ditto to everything you said about the humors. and the udder cover deal is kind of amazing..


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