"If 400lb people can do jumping jacks, so can you." -Jillian Michaels

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I hate the gym. Hate it. I hate the machines I don't understand, I hate the boys in the weight room that correct how you lift, I hate the girls that wear earrings while they run for 5 hours straight looking like models. I hate the subtitles on the TV's, I hate the fact that I can't work out with headphones, because they will always fall out. I hate it when I explain my hatred for the gym and people say: "Oh, nobody's watching you." But I watch everyone while they're working out, so this theory is wrong. I hate having no place to stretch, I hate having a line behind me at the drinking fountain after I've stood there for 10 minutes, not leaving any for the fish.

And. I. HATE. the mirrors!

This is why I like to watch The Biggest Loser. I like to see fat people working out at the gym. This does not happen at BYU-Idaho. I cried with Shay from last season. She weighed in at 476 pounds, and around week six, had to go home as part of a challenge. When she went to the gym at home, she was crying and having a hard time because she was bigger than everyone there. She was bigger than the men. She was bigger.

I may not be 475 pounds, but I get it, girl!

But I want to be healthy, I really do. I've been doing pretty good watching what I eat and working out extra hard when I eat crap. I drink a lot of water. But I do not go to the gym. Instead, I've been doing this:

I'll be honest, I've missed a few days but I've been pretty consistent and this work out is kicking my trash! Forget P90X! Jillian Micheals says all the right things to keep me going. The techno music sucks a bit, but you can always put the video on mute and use your own mix to sweat to. It's 3-2-1 system (3 min. strenth, 2 min. cardio, 1 min. abs) and all you need is a couple of free weights. The moves are simple so you don't have to worry about doing them wrong. It's like $7 at Wal-mart.

So, if you hate the gym as much as Shay and I do, then maybe you can do this with me. And once you and I can look at ourselves in the mirror in excerise clothes without crying, then maybe we'll walk hand in hand to that gym together. Until then: rock on, Jillian.


  1. Hahahahaha.... You make me laugh. Good observation on the gym situation... I love it.

  2. I've been thinking about doing this. let me know how it goes for you! walking at 6 am is killing me and therefore not happening like it should. the gym also gives me a complex. i hear ya... "thinness" DOES NOT = "fitness"...

  3. Please tell me how this goes. I also hate hate hate the gym. Yuck.

  4. I seriously watch EVERYONE at the gym, I agree with you. I think I'll go get that at WalMart too. Lucas keeps telling me to exercise more so maybe this is one I could do too! Jillian is awesome. I used to hate her, but I watched 3 hours of biggest loser on HULU last night and I think she's rad now.


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