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Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott just said: "Why is it that the women always keep blogs, and men never do?" We discussed what society has deemed acceptable for men, but we still don't understand it. So I motioned for Scott to write his one blog entry, to which he responded: "What am I doing?! You want me to WRITE something?"
So here he is folks, that good ol' Scotty Chapman:

So I'm nervous about this. Well, I guess blogs usually explain what women are passionately for or against, or they are used as a journal entry, and journals are usually boring so if it's not too much to ask I'm going to talk about how passionate I am about..well I have strong feelings about far too many things like the degradation of the music of today, traffic, slush, etc. And why do we put up with slush anyway? As we drive down the road and see the disgusting sight of brown snow, how can we truly come to appreciate the day? As I get out of my car, I step into a pile of cold, wet, filth. There's no escaping it, it's everywhere. All it takes is a simple snowfall and an hour of warm weather, and then suddenly your life is ruined. Anyway, maybe I'm out of line, maybe some of you appreciate how slush glistens on the road, I truly hope that I didn't offend you. Not that I have any solutions to this problem, I just think that slush sucks.

There you have it. My husband. Anti-slush man. He got a little bit of a writer's block there and looked at me with puppy dog eyes wondering what to do next. I told him to just follow his train of thought. Advice that he obviously applied.
Now I don't feel so weird that my blogspot profile says "Scott and Carrie Chapman"

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  1. I did a poetry snap applause in your honor Scott. PS remember those random thoughts emails you use to send me in High School? You should do a blog post like that every month, now that you've gotten a taste of the blogging world.


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