This is a moving announcement.

Friday, November 8, 2013

You know when you're so tired that you just don't feel like explaining things? That's how I have been feeling about my life lately. As in, people will ask "so what's goin' on?" and I respond with a vague "oh you know, just trying to figure out and yeah so kids are good." It mostly leaves people confused and I move the conversation to something way less important than "what's going on."

But hey, I'm grateful I have concerned/curious friends and family who are invested in us and several have called/messaged to ask about our move since my instagram pictures suddenly have a new backdrop.

I just typed out the entire story when Scott leaned over and said "whoa. You're telling the whole thing eh?" I got really self conscious and deleted it. I guess I don't need to put every detail of my life out there. It's just been a while haha!

What you need to know is this: Scott and I decided to move on faith that he would get a job with his degree. He is currently still working at his college job (which we are so grateful for) at InkedWear- his parents screen printing business. However, our apartment was becoming increasingly too small and our whole life just felt... snug. We have really outgrown where we are. So a while ago we told our landlord that we would move out by Halloween and prayed that Scott would find a job by then. And he did. Sort of.

Scott was offered an internship in GEORGIA. For about four days we sure we were going to move across the country. As we debated between making the expensive move for a vague, low paying internship and staying in Utah to continue looking, my mother in law called.

We have been blessed to be able to live in Scott's grandparents vacant condo while the family tries to sell it. This has been such a huge answer to prayer. It's perfect because we can house sit and avoid the expense of moving somewhere temporarily and also because neither of us want to be a family mooch and we are super motivated to get out of here as quickly as possible (this means Scott has not let up an inch on his job hunting).

Meanwhile, we have all been trying to get used to living in a space that is, to us, GIGANTIC! We don't even go downstairs because why? There's way too much room upstairs. Most of the furniture is gone and it is a little odd to be living in Scott's grandparents house without them here. We haven't unpacked 90% of our stuff because we want to be able to move as soon as we find the right job. And, in some odd way I feel like the packed up boxes of my living room curtains and craft supplies is telling the universe we are ready to GO any second.

So there you have it. Moving and Halloween and potty training is what has taken up my time and energy the past couple of weeks. Not the most interesting stuff in the world but it's our little world and I guess that makes it relevant to my blog ;)


  1. Oh, this is exciting! I find it incredibly stressful to be in transition, though, and I hope that you do not feel that way. I am looking forward to where your adventures will take place next! But I am also super bummed that you won't be in SLC when I visit in January. Also, you still have to call or text me back, as asking you what's new was only a pretense to talking to you, because I like you. :)

  2. Someday you'll look back on all this "transition time" with great fondness. Promise :).

    1. HA! I don't know if I believe that but it's comforting anyway ;)


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