So Many Halloween Parties

Friday, November 8, 2013

In all of our moving/cleaning craziness the last week of October we somehow managed to go to three (count them) Halloween parties this year. Georgia was obsessed with Halloween and it was the best. Luckily Scott and I are also big Halloween fans and Ruthie just smiles at whatever we say. 

Party #1: Church Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat is exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of people decorate the back of their trunks and then the kids run up and down the parking lot and trick or treat. The prep for this was kind of intense (being that it was during those few days I thought we were moving to Georgia) but fun anyway. There was a chili/soup dinner and a costume parade. I decorated our trunk with whatever was in my Halloween box that I didn't pull out this year. What made it look really cool though was the dry ice cauldron. I put the candy around the cauldron and so the dry ice vapor covered it. The kids couldn't see the candy and just had to reach in and it kind of freaked them out. It was awesome. I also have this hilariously weird skeleton in a "cage" who yells to be let out. Combine that guy with dry ice and we had a pretty spooky trunk stop.
The best part of this party was when Georgia saw Ruthie dressed up like a cat. She hadn't seen her baby sister dressed up before. She pointed to her and said: "Oh! Little cat, Mama!" And then she realized that it was RUTHIE in the cat costume and that was too much for Georgie-pants. She lost it. She just stood there pointing at Ruthie absolutely cracking up. Ruthie dressed up as a cat was the funniest thing Georgia had ever seen which then became the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Party #2: The Harrison's 4th Annual Halloween Photo Shoot

Every year, Anna throws a Halloween Photo Shoot. This is only the 2nd one we have been to but it didn't disappoint. Buck was a... "bird" and it was hilarious because pregnant Anna was a bee. Get it? The birds and the bees? Per tradition, Hocus Pocus got put on but this time the adults didn't really watch it. The girls did though and it was adorable. Mostly because Hocus Pocus is kind of messed up and scary. Georgia eats that stuff up.

Party #3: Halloween at the Sturgeons

This year we went trick or treating with Scott's sister's family and kids. I love trick or treating with my nieces and nephew and seeing their costumes :) They recently moved to a new neighborhood that goes ALL OUT for Halloween. The teenagers there dress up like really scary zombies every year and do a choreographed dance every 7 minutes. You guys. These kids were crazy talented. The make-up, the dancing, the concept. They call it "Haunt for Hope" and use the whole spectacle as a fundraiser for cancer research. They were a little too good though. And they first song they danced to was 9 inch nails and it was a bit intense for little eyes and ears... luckily Georgia didn't have nightmares but she did say she didn't want to watch it.
In the end,  we got separated from the others but Scott took Georgia to just about every house he saw and she came back with about as much candy as her big kid cousins. Which was insane.
And Ruthie slept through just about the whole thing.

I'm sad Halloween is over. It was so much fun this year. We tried explaining Thanksgiving to Georgia and, to be honest, Thanksgiving sounds super lame after a night of dressing up and eating candy.
Let's get real. Ghosts are way cooler than turkeys.

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  1. Georgia looks like she's ten years old in the trunk or treat photo!


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