Overheard at the Chapman House

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Scott: At the park today there were these grumpy little sisters. And Georgia kept waving to them and smiling and being all nice. She wanted to be their friends. They would glare at her like this- all grumpy. It ticked me off. I was like "lighten up! You're four!"

Georgia: (pointing to a zit on my chin) Mommy, owie? Face hurt.
Me: No, my face doesn't hurt. It just hurts my pride. 
Georgia: Mommy pride hurt.

Me: Georgia, how old are you going to be?
Georgia: TWO!
Me: Yay!
Georgia: Three! Four! Five!
Me: Six!
Georgia: SevenEightNine!
Me: (Silent, astounded by my daughters brilliance).

-Five minutes later-

Georgia is found eating a receipt. 


  1. Bahhhh! Hahahahaha!

  2. I like these overheard posts. I'm gonna straight-up steal it.

    Also, Georgia is hilarious.


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