Uneventful Senses.

Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Senses:*
Touching: Wipes and tissues. We have had some runny noses over here and I feel like I always, ALWAYS have a wipe or a tissue in my hand. How come stuffy noses take so long to get over with?

Tasting: The same crock-pot meal I made back on MONDAY. Scott's been busy trying to graduate college or something this week and so it's just been me and baby for dinner. Look at my big fat motivation to stick to a meal plan when it's just two girls completely satisfied with eating peanut butter and jelly morning, noon and night.

Hearing: Quotes from my favorite shows running through my head. As of this second, it's Tom from Parks and Rec whining: "I hate old stuff! It's like- just be new."

Smelling: Nothing. See touching.

Seeing: New awesome tote bag pictures by Anna. My shop is really starting to look pretty freaking cool and I'm kind of sad that you only get to see 4 of her photos in each listing. She just did some for my "I Miss Seattle" bag and they were adorable, so here is more from the shoot:

I got all weepy looking at these because I really do miss Seattle. So I went and made my very first Treasury List about it on Etsy.

...did I mention that Scott has been gone a lot? 

*Props to Brandilyn, who's blog I'm sponsoring this month, for the post layout. 

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