Sunday, April 28, 2013

Guess what I found out? Georgia's name? It means farmer. FARMER! I had no idea since we named her  after my great-grandmother but yeah. Farmer.

Why, yes, she DID lose those sunglasses. 
So I guess it's only right that we love to go to Wheeler Farms and look at all of the animals. Seriously, I love this place and at some point I will milk a cow there (they let you do that). Pretty much everything is free, and I really like watching Georgia say hi to the animals. This last time we went, she was a little more interested in the dirt than anything... that is until she tried to feed some of it to a giant goat who came charging up to her little hand and I was sure he was going to take it off. I went to save her, but she saved herself in time. Crazy goats.

We went with Anna and June this time. Miss June was killing me in her sunglasses.

 I love to watch those two and see just how unique their little personalities are.

If you are tired of looking at awesome photos of my tote bags, you can go ahead and stop reading here. We brought my "Howdy" bag to photograph since a farm setting seemed to fit. Of course, there was so many photo ops it was almost impossible to choose the 4 I would put up on Etsy.
So here's a bunch.
I love them.

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  1. You're totally gonna sell a million totes with these pictures. ;-) And LOVE the one of June and Georgia!


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