Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It feels like life is picking up, and I like it. I love having things to do that don't involve cooking or cleaning (since I struggle to do those things at all, let alone enjoy them).

Here is a list of things keeping life interesting:

1. My family came into town for the holiday weekend. We raged around Utah trying to outfit my sister for her mission to Texas, and then crashed Sunday night on our phones. We laughed and said we hoped no one would see us all plugged in- but it was SUNDAY and we were TIRED.
Also, my mom gave Georgia this dress:

And I am anxiously awaiting an invitation to Will and Kate's baby's 1st birthday party because Georgia already has her dress.

2. I'm planning a "Gender Reveal Party." Have you heard of those? My parents have been ruthlessly mocking me about how absurd it is. It's just a small party where you "reveal" in some way what the sex of your baby is. Next week, when we have the ultrasound, we're going to have the tech put the gender in an envelope and give it to whoever is at the counter at a balloon place (ie: the grocery store) and have them put a balloon (red for girl, blue for boy) in a giant box and open it with family and friends. I think this sounds like fun and I am the WORST with surprises so Scott is excited to watch me wait all day to find out!
3. Tomorrow I'm attending my best friend's High Tea Party. She's having it in a GREEN HOUSE. It's taken me weeks to figure out what to wear.

4. Somehow, I'm raging off to Virginia for my cousin's waiting come March and I am leaving Georgia and Scott behind. We couldn't get Scott a ticket, and I didn't want to miss out on wedding festivities by being tied to a traveling toddler by myself. I'm both excited about this (sleeping on the airplane hello) and nervous. I have never left Georgia for more than overnight. I mean, I know we'll survive and everything will be fine- it's just different is all. And different can make me nervous sometimes.

5. Oh yeah, and our Valentine's Day was one of the most uneventful holidays in our family's history. Usually Scott and I go all out, but we both agreed that we simply didn't have the ENERGY to do... well... anything. I did manage to get Scott and Georgia a few little gifts last month (which they both promptly found weeks ago)

Scott picked up some things for me while last minute grocery shopping for a dinner to make the day feel at least kind of special. All in all, we didn't eat our salmon until the next day, our gifts were random and perfect, and well... there's not more you can ask for. Also, I'm pretty sure my Valentine's AND future Anniversary gifts are that I'm going to my aforementioned cousin's wedding. Not complaining :)

Also, Georgia and I gave ourselves a little bright red manicure over chocolates, so how can it not be considered a success?


  1. I seriously cannot get over that baby's coat. And I wanna go to a tea party in a greenhouse! This is one weird time when I wish I lived in Utah. I miss you lots.

    1. I think it's safe to say that we just wish we were neighbors again. Because you don't REALLY want to live in Utah, and I don't want to live in Rexburg, but some days (everyday) we both wish we lived in the same town again.


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