Round 2

Friday, January 11, 2013

If you're friends with me on Facebook (which, I'm pretty sure the only people who read this ARE), then you know that I'm over here all pregnant.

I'm about 12 weeks along and I am over the moon about welcoming another baby. I have a lot of fun with my 18 month old ball of curiosity  but I really LOVE newborns. I LOVE them. This was not something I expected seeing as everyone told me having a newborn was going to be the worst time of my life. Granted, Georgia was not colicky or overly fussy, and I know to thank God for that- I recognize that we got lucky. And sure, this newborn may be totally different, I get that. But I do find that I have an unreasonable amount of patience for newborns. Scott was basically in shock for 6 months at how calm I could keep myself at 4 in the morning, and, quite frankly, so was I. Patience is NOT my strongest virtue. Here's hoping baby #2 doesn't get a grumpy, impatient mom. The mom Georgia got from 9-12months. No one told me THAT was a really difficult age!

I have a hard time imagining this baby being anything but a girl. I guess since I have a baby girl, that's all I can picture myself being a mom to. Scott is hoping for a girl since baby will be born 1 month after Georgia's 2nd birthday. That means, if it's girl, she would be able to wear all of Georgia's old clothes following the seasons. He's Mr. Darling I tell you! Always calculating.

So far, my biggest pregnancy symptom has been fatigue. The whole reason I suspected I was pregnant was because I was so unbelievably tired all of the time. I have had very little morning sickness- no throwing up (again, thanking God for that luck), but I have a strict morning ritual to keep nausea at bay. Prenatal vitamin in the morning, followed by a tall glass of ice water with lemon in it, followed by toast. If I don't do this, or if I mess up the order, it feels like I just stepped off of a roller coaster road-trip all day long.

I'm starting to get some pretty intense food cravings too. I have tried eating a lot healthier this pregnancy (I have actually lost weight since I found out) and so my never ending craving for a large fry and large diet coke have been torturing me. To suppress the craving, I eat my weight in produce. I seriously ate 10 tomatoes yesterday. I ate 6 today because my body is screaming for a big bag of skittles. I can also eat about a million oranges and 10 million blueberries in one sitting. I am drinking lemon water like a camel.

That's the biggest news over here. I have a lot of other things to say that have been running through my mind lately. It's hard though because I feel like they are kind of sensitive subjects and I don't know how to word them and the last thing I want in my life is internet draaaaaama.

Blogs are weird.


  1. I am so happy for your family! Funny enough, the whole about 25 months apart thing and clothes was exactly us! Garrett wanted a boy but I told him a girl would be a lot cheaper. It did, however, make it difficult to figure out Christmas gifts since a 6 week old with ridiculous amounts of hand-me-downs needs nothing. I hope everything continues on smoothly! In other news, I got an "I Miss Seattle" tote and I love it.

  2. Exciting!! I love newborns too, but I really love the stage my Ellie is in right now. She has just turned 3 months and she is so chatty. and smily. and giggly. Makes my heart swoon! Newborns are so sleepy and squishy, but seeing them interact and make eye contact with you is pretty amazing too! Good luck! Life with two is busy, but you'll be amazed at what you can do. I don't feel like I'm treading water anymore.


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