The Front Room

Monday, December 31, 2012

Sitting in my apartment with a napping baby in the next room. Everything from our 9 day trip to Boise  is semi-unpacked and all of my Christmas decorations are still up. I hate them. I feel like Christmas was a billion years ago. I feel like it's March 24 and I still haven't taken down my Christmas stuff.

I had a big, weird conversation with my mom about blogging and Facebook and everything. Well, she listened and I talked and I didn't come to any conclusions.

 I don't know WHY I blog. I don't find myself especially interesting or vie for a large "following." I am did not study English and my grammar is so SO bad. My blog is not "specialized."  Blogging has changed since I started and I find that I keep my blog open only out of pride or something.

All of the positive reasons I hear blogging is for take a lot more effort than I want to put in, and I guess and that's why I'm stuck.

Once, there was a girl who's blog I followed and she deleted it one day. Just like that, she erased her virtual life. And I talked to my friend about it and we couldn't BELIEVE that someone would DELETE their BLOG! I remember comparing my blog as an additional room in my house. You can't just delete a room in your house!

I've decided my blog is a lot like a front room. Not the kitchen, or the living room or a bedroom. It's just this extra room you try to make pretty because it's the first thing people see to get to know you. Sometimes people keep really useful things in their front room, like a computer or books or a closet full of board games. I guess I feel like my blog needs a make-over. Not a new header or social media buttons, but a new purpose. I want to figure out what useful things I can display here.

So, excuse me if my blogging becomes bit more sporadic. I am rethinking my front room.


  1. I assumed you blogged because you like forming articulate thoughts and being "heard". (That does not preclude you being a good listener.) And you like teaching and sharing good ideas, and uplifting/encouraging people and making people laugh. I wouldn't have thought your blog needed re-purposing, but I am excited to see what comes out of your creative, polished mind.

  2. It's kind of like a journal...which we have pretty much been commanded to keep so I think you should not question why you blog and just do it. It's def more fun than a journal.

  3. I think of my blog as the bits of me that will be remembered if my house was to blow up and the cyber world was all that was left of me, what I would want people to remember of me. Adventures I embarked on, songs I loved, thoughts I thought.

    And I am right there with you on the grammar thing. . But that has become one of my favorite things about my own blog. It is very ME in every way.

    Don't change the front room too much.

  4. Well I just love reading your blog. I don't comment as much as I should :/ I'll do better if you promise to keep blogging ;) You've inspired me to start my own, and I've been working on building it from scratch for the past month. Don't stop now! Just revamp. I'm excited to see what long as you keep going.


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