Made it Monday: Clever Receipt Bookmark

Monday, September 10, 2012

So my 16 year old brother had a clever idea. He bought a book, highlighted the book name on the receipt, used my new laminating machine (happy birthday to me) and made a durable bookmark! 
I thought it was very cool.

We did learn that receipts do get a little darkened going through a hot setting, so be careful. We tried to do it on a cold setting but it didn't work. 


  1. oh don't you love having a laminator!? Charlotte gave us one a couple of years ago for christmas and I was like, "hmm don't know when I'll use this but cool" and I use it all the time!! Love it!

  2. If I had a laminator, I would laminate too many things. Starting with my house and ending with my hands.

  3. James, your comment reminds me of your glue gun blog post. So I'll remember to never give you a glue gun OR a laminator.

  4. I got distracted by the idea of laminating. This is what I meant to say: I love to keep receipts to books I bought. I want to know when I bought them and where. So they aren't exactly a bookmark but I keep them in there as a reminder. As a way to track my life. Some books have plane tickets in them or sometimes movie tickets (I read if I get there early.) I used to make a lot of marginalia. I should start that again. I like putting myself inside the book.

    And I would never trust me with anything.


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