Music Time Fail

Friday, August 10, 2012

So this place told me I could go to a free baby class with my kid.
I like free stuff, and I didn't have anything else to do so I decided to try it out for the following reasons:

-Georgia loves playing with other kids
-They have music class, and Georgia loves to dance
-She could use some music appreciation
-Maybe I'll meet some moms I will relate to
-They offer a class that is 6-18months, so it's the perfect age for my 13month old
-It's free

Once we get there, I'm putting my Dr. Martin sandals that I've had since eighth grade in a cubby hole next to a pair of Fendi flats. My purse is the ONLY one that is not a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. For a minute, I just stare at all of the beautiful shoes and diaper bags.
Georgia has somehow lost a shoe between the car and the building.

We get our little name tags and we head into this room with multicolored floors. This lady is singing all about how we're in the Caribbean and I have no idea what the words are that she's singing because she's using a "Jamaican word for mango."

It's 5 minutes in and I'm already kinda confused.

Of course, there are things that I really start to like. Like teaching rythms by tapping the rythm on different parts of Georgia's body. This seems like sound educational advice. This lady probably has a degree in this stuff.

Georgia does not want me tapping on any part of her body. I mean, she tolerates it for about 30 seconds, and then she runs off because, let's face it, in a room full of smiling adults and babies who are younger than her and creepy life-sized clown, MOM is the LEAST interesting thing.

I try to get her to bang on the drum, but once she gets into it the lady starts singing in verbrato:
"Iiiiiit's tiiiime to clean up the DRRRR-UUUuuu-MMMmmmsss!"

And so Georgia cries.
We go through this with the balls and the scarves.

Later, we're supposed to dance with our babies to a Haitian beat and music lady comes up to Georgia with the clown and asks her if she wants to dance with it.
I warn her that she's not gonna wanna give it back.
She lets her dance with it anyway and Georgie is in clown heaven for about 45 seconds. Then the clown is gently taken out of her arms, and Georgia enters melt-down mode. I kind of felt bad for her. I'm sure she felt teased with all of these toys only to have them seemingly ripped from her grasp, and the smashed friendship of the clown was too much for her little emotional body to handle.
She gets it together, though. But her face suddenly becomes very unimpressed with everything that is going on. It was as if she was thinking: "They're not gonna see me cry."

The last 10 minutes Georgia just wants me to hold her but doesn't interact with the songs at all. Really, she looked mad. Like she was giving everyone the silent treatment. Like she was saying: "are we done yet, because I'm over this crowd."

Once we left, someone asked me how it went and I explained that she was bit old for that class and probably would have liked something a little more active. He happily invited me to stay for the "movement" class that was going to start in the next 10 minutes. I was thrilled by this, but then told him how I had signed up for 1 free class as a trial so...

"...Oooh.... I understand."

And then he stared at me real awkward like until I picked up my purse from the designer bags and left.
I think we're gonna stick with the Fisher Price Ipod apps from now on...

We never did find Georgia's other shoe.


  1. ohhh i related to this on so many levels. i'm sorry to hear it was a fail. but maybe that is better than if you had both loved it and then chosen not to go because of over-pricing, you know?

  2. don't worry about the petunia picklebottom bag thing, you're going to win one any day now. i feel it in my bones.

    and ditto to liz-a-nator.

  3. Check out what the library has to offer. Always free :)


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