DC Trip: Fredricksburg

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two and a half weeks ago, Scott and Georgie and I headed out on an adventure to conquer DC during the 4th of July. It was a big trip filled with museums and cousins. I'm actually pretty overwhelmed by the idea of blogging it all, but this will be my best attempt.

Georgia's first time on an airplane went really well. You should know, that the theme of this trip was: "Well, that could have been worse." We found ourselves saying it all the time! Georgia did not cry on the flight, and I packed way too many things for her to play with. She also did not sleep, and keeping her entertained was absolutely exhausting, but such is travel with a one year old! 

If there was ever a time I wished I was a photographer, it was this trip. Truly, the east is so beautiful! I loved the humidity (which was only at like 65% the whole time- so perfect) and so did my skin and curly hair. We stayed at my Aunt and Uncle's house and luckily my cousin Mandy is living at home right now so it was beyond wonderful to see her after so long (we used to live together in college)! There had been a nasty storm right before we got in, and none of the houses had electricity. Luckily, they had a generator and it was if the power wasn't missing at all.

There was this beautiful rolling valley on the way to Mandy's house and I wish I could have captured how gorgeous it truly was.

The day after we got there, Mandy took us through downtown Fredricksburg, which is pretty much adorable. 

We went antique shopping and Georgia got her first Raggedy Ann doll ($5 too! Score). Raggedy Ann pretty much saved our entire trip, as her and Georgia were instantly best friends. 

(Please excuse Georgia's shirt that ended up being way too big that day...)

It was also pretty hot and poor Georgia would go completely lathargic. Once we got her in front of a fan, though- it was like magic and she would come back to life. 

Downtown was so old and awesome- there was so much history everywhere!
(old market square from revolutionary era)

 Weirdly, all of the restaurants were closed on Mondays except for this random Victorian tea place. I was happy to find where we will be having Mandy's bridal shower once she gets married haha!

Later, Mandy took us to an ice cream shop that apparently President's go to because it is so famous. It was the perfect way to end our jaunt.

The next day was spent with more family. We got to meet my cousin's new baby, Iris. She is just gorgeous and Georgia was really curious about her.

I also got to spend some special time with my Grandma who I just absolutely adore. We went and got our nails done and just talked the whole time. I wish everyone in the world could meet my Grandma Kitchens- she is hilarious and SO southern. 

It's funny growing up in Seattle and Idaho and then spending time with biological family who I didn't really grow up around. I don't know how else to describe it- just... funny.

Stay tuned- I will blog this whole trip if it kills me! ... That was a joke. I obviously don't want to die.


  1. Great blog. So nice to see Mandy if only just a little tiny part of her. And one of my favorite ladies of all time Grandma Kitchens. I adore her. So glad you all had such a good time!

  2. Who says you're not a photographer?! I love these

  3. Georgia looks huge next to that newborn (probably the only time)... but it makes me realize she's not going to be a baby much longer... SAD!


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