Summer Nights Got What I Need

Friday, June 15, 2012

Scott usually leaves for work between 8 and 9am and then gets home somewhere random between 9 and 11pm. Of course, he works for his parents 1.5miles down the road, so we like to stop in and say hi and sometimes Scott takes an hour lunch break at home. But other days, he gets up with the baby at 7:30am and they play for a half our and then say: "See you tomorrow! Same time, same place!" 
It's kind of (really) sad.

Last night, I told Scott that he had to be home by 5pm so that he could go with me to get Georgia's 1 year pictures taken and maybe she would smile because her favorite guy would be there. I guess it took a bunch of effort for him, but he was able to come with us. Georgia didn't smile a ton- instead she just wanted to cuddle with Dad and who could blame her? 

After pictures, babies fell asleep and we went out to Anna and Buck's backyard for s'mores and a soak in their hot tub. You need to understand, their backyard is pretty much magical in my opinion. As in, I am convinced that fairies live there. So sitting around a small fire and eating gigantic marshmallows and chatting with friends in a hot tub under the stars was absolutely serene. It was also exactly what we needed at the time. 

On our way home, we were both so relaxed and I said: "and THAT is what happens when you get home at 5." 

Here's hoping work slows down for Scott just enough to enjoy evenings like that again. 


  1. This makes me happy. We loved last night as well. To add to the "this is what happens when you get off work at 5" I'd say "this is what happens when you visit Buck and Anna." So visit us as much as you want! ;)

  2. umm i must admit i am jealous. you were so close to me, eating my favorite food! anna did alexandra's one-year pictures; we love them!


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