An official welcome to followers

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I came to accept the fact that I will never have thousands of followers on this blog. This is not a self-deprecating statement, but a general fact that I am comfortable with. I started blogging when no one wanted to read some 20 year old virgin's short stories about jumping in mud puddles. I've never been a photographer* and I've never backpacked through another country. The only people who even knew my url were my mom and whoever she emailed it to. My blog has both changed a ton and has not changed at all. I still write about my day and my dreams and my past experiences like I'm talking to my mom and all of her friends. Like I said, I am not shooting for thousands of followers. 

Which is why I am so... fascinated that I have 134. Did you know that I want to know who you are? Every time I get a new follower, I notice. I click on your profile and I go to the public blogs you have. I read them and I see what you are about. Every time. I really do. 

And you know what? I love you guys. Seriously. I love that so many of you are here for such different reasons. Some of you have known me in the past and find my life tales entertaining. Others of you can relate to my new mom life. A large majority of you are friends and family who I'm convinced are only here to see pictures of Georgia. A shout-out to those of you who follow just so you can see my tiny projects every Monday.
Hello you followers!
Here is an official welcome. 

And to all of you who have never hit that "Follow" button, I give you a welcome, too. I am sure you are a wonderful person and I am glad you are here. Feel free to come back whenever you would like, but if you did hit that "Follow" button, trust that I take notice. Trust that I am grateful.

*Of course, that's why I would love to win THIS camera... I'm sure it would help make this place prettier.


  1. followed. :) happy to see you so happy! -carolyn

  2. I have to admit Carrie, I'm a Georgia fan, BUT I do love reading your blog because I can totally hear you in my head as I read it and it makes me laugh! Love your insight and creativity! You're awesome!

  3. Did your Mom ever tell you about the Round Robin letters? They were long newsie letters about what the famlies were up to. They kept all the Wood sisters connected. Thats what I love about FB and your blog. I can keep connected to everyone I love :)

  4. About freaking time you welcome me. I purposefully held off following you until you welcomed me.

    It's like I've been hanging out at your party for hours already and now you leave the other guests to come say hi and ask me why I drank the entire punch bowl.


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