A Couple of Happy Videos

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm off to Boise to watch my sister graduate from high school which means helping my madre get ready for a party and not a whole lot of time to blog.

While I'm celebrating with my family, feel free to look through these delightful lip-synced music videos that I can't stop watching because they make me SO HAPPY.

(because theatre people are the best kind of people)

(one word: commitment)

(same song, but still a bit entertaining (except Ashley Tisdale is way too embarrassing))

For more happy things, check out my friend Krista's blog. She makes clothes out of garbage that actually look legit. Also, she's giving away an eShaki dress right now and I want to win it because I look sexy in dresses.

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  1. I watch that Anything Goes video like, twice a day. It makes me so so so happy.

    And Harvard baseball team! Ha!

    Also, all of these remind me of this:

    So classic.


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