Sick Days

Friday, April 20, 2012

My baby had the flu this week. It was pretty sad to watch her throw up everything she put down. At one point, she puked all over me before we could get to the sink, and the smell was overwhelming, and both of us just stood over the sink and dry heaved. A 15lb baby dry heaving is not the happiest sight.

Don't get me wrong- I know that my baby being sick with the flu for a few days is not a big deal. It can actually be good for her. Strengthens her immune system. Plus, I'd like to think we bonded dry heaving over that sink together.  And honestly, the all day cuddling was pretty great. Scott came home for lunch and stayed for a long time because he couldn't get enough of the consensual cuddling our usually spastic baby was passing out.

Still, when I did put her down to play with some toys, she just sat and stared at them. She kicked a rattle. Then she looked at me, and reached her arms up to the sky because that's all the energy she had for begging to be picked up. Such a sweet and pathetic little thing.

After the drowsy baby comes the cranky baby and the next day was spent holding a screaming Georgia who threw a tantrum at the smallest things. Her only solace: a plastic orange ring from that rainbow ring stacking toy.

I don't know why.

She's pretty much better now. Still a little fussy when I get up to move farther than 5 feet from her, but we're getting our groove back.

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  1. Poor baby! I'm afraid I won't be able to function when my future babies are sick. The last time Jacob was sick, I cuddled him until he slept and then I cried because I couldn't do more to make him feel better. I'm glad G is on the mend.


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