Made it Monday: Glass Flowers

Monday, March 19, 2012

Our dating life revolves around three things: Groupon, Living Social, and our Entertainment Book.

Mine and Scott's relationship was founded on experiencing new things together- and it's something we don't ever want to stop doing. The three "resources" I listed are the BEST for finding deals on random/awesome experiences we wouldn't have been able to try otherwise. Like, remember how last year I set the goal to blow glass? Yeah, I then found out that a class like that cost upwards of $100. So when there was a Living Social deal for a TWO person class to make a glass flower for $25, I jumped on it.

I was so excited when we got there. Like, unexpectedly excited. I love trying new things!

Scott took this picture of me before our camera died. He didn't think that we also had the Ipod and a cell phone to take pictures with too, because he was pretty engrossed in my skiiiiills.

I took this video of him, though- because I am an awesome wife.

This was at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. They offer regular priced classes at $25 per flower and I'm telling you- it would be worth it. I'm thinking this will be our go-to gift for people because it was that fun.

And sure, you might be traveling Europe with YOUR husband, but you probably aren't having as much fun as us. Well, maybe you are- but you don't have two really awesome glass flowers to display in your house about it!

I don't claim to be a photographer- these are much cooler in real life. 

Scott tried to make his (on the right) the color of Georgia's eyes. Sweet. 

Mine is the less sentimental black and white one that matches my house.  Priorities. 


  1. awesome!
    (ps I hope to answer your survey in the coming weeks... see you Monday!)

  2. oh my gosh, it's so awesome! i love hand-blown glass. i'm glad you and scott have prioritized date nights even after the addition of georgia. we are currently struggling to find a sitter, but i hope to try adventures like this in the near future with matthieu.


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