Stop and smell the...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yesterday, I was up at 7am taking care of baby, cleaning up my house, entertaining a couple of visitors, and working on a new shop I am helping to open. When Georgia was sleeping, and the guests were gone, I popped in a movie* and folded some laundry. I was annoyed when I heard Georgia stirring early because I wasn't done with folding the clothes yet. She's been pretty clingy lately. Then I remembered visiting my friend who had a 1 year old at the time. He woke up from a nap and wanted to cuddle and she told me: "I'm sorry, I can't talk for just a minute- he never wants to cuddle." We just sat there in silence while she closed her eyes and breathed in her son's sweetness before he squirmed, got down, and played with something else. I don't think I'll ever forget that.

So I took a lesson from my friend, and I put down the laundry and just held my baby. I breathed in her sweetness. I don't do this all the time. I am known for dumping her in her exer-saucer and running around trying to get things done. This time, though... I'm glad I paused.

I used to smell the roses. Now I smell my baby's hair.

*I watch movies Scott would hate but I sort-of like while I do laundry. We call them "laundry movies" and Scott made me put them on a separate shelf from our regular movies so no one would think he likes them.


  1. There is something nice about just taking the time to hold that baby. Edie has taken to falling asleep in my arms and the other day, Val's dad asked me if I wanted to put her down and I just told him that usually I do but I'm okay with just holding her for a while today.

  2. I seriously teared up when I read your post Carrie. Every day I have to tell myself, "Canon will never be this many days old ever again, enjoy it." So I can stop trying to make my house perfect and take the time to soak him in. My co-worker just suffered a TREMENDOUS loss, and it's reminded me all the more of how precious every moment with our little ones are. Thank you for the reminder!

    PS - I LOVE your blog. You're SUCH a good writer, that it's made me try to be more creative and fun with my journaling, instead of : today this happened... So thanks!!

  3. stop and smell the Georgia Rose(s). Yes.

    This is one benefit to June's rough nap situation- I still get lots of calm time to snuggle with her. (since she likes falling asleep on me so much) A silver lining. :)

  4. I teared up when I realized that you were talking about me. I feel so honored to have left such a sweet impression--one that I had forgotten about. Thank you for remembering.

  5. I think I'm going to remember this post for a long time. I've been thinking about it ever since I first read it. Thanks for the reminder. Whether you have a child or not, it's a lesson we all need reminding of now and then.

    On a less spiritual note, I think I'm going to start calling my "guilty pleasure" movies my "laundry movies" instead. Movies like "Mean Girls" and...

    ...well, mostly just "Mean Girls."


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