Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So there's this girl that lives in my building. She's really, REALLY nice. She has a baby about Georgia's age. She's about my age. I feel like we could be friends.

But she runs. Like, for fun. And she's an accountant. Yeah. An ACCOUNTANT.

She doesn't like to read.

I don't feel like I can talk to this girl. How am I going to be friends with a girl who ENJOYS running AND accounting but DOESN'T enjoy reading?!

Talking to her makes me nervous. Not because she's unkind or even dull, it's just that I feel like I have nothing to say to her. I can't complain about how much I hate exercising or how I use my husband more than the calculator on my phone when I'm trying to determine if the sale is worth it or not. I bet she doesn't drink Diet Coke. I bet she flosses everyday.

You guys. The only way I can talk to her about books is if she has seen the movie. THE MOVIE!

Look, it's not like I'm not gonna try. I'm gonna try to hang out with her. But seriously- she makes me nervous.


  1. Nope. Can't do it. You'll try to talk to her but you'll always be suggesting books. And you'll mention a book and she won't react favorably to your comment about a book. Not like a normal person who says things like, "Oh, what book is that? I should read that. I'm reading something else right now but remind me. That sounds really good."

    That's what normal people say. Not non-readers. I write them off. Or shame them into reading.

    Do that. Shame her.

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  3. Well Carrie, maybe she is just like me and knows that she is incredibly slow at reading. I make a point to have Kristen explain to me every book that she reads, because she loves it too. I also wait until we go on road trips to listen to Audiobooks, because then, I can take it all in at once and not just in small pieces (The Hunger Games is really good by the way, we just listened to it on the way to California this weekend), but all I'm saying here is that you can't just write her off for not enjoying reading.

    Friend her, do it. I will never be shamed into reading, but I love Audiobooks.


  4. Hopefully she doesn't like to read blogs either ;)

  5. Even if she does read my blog, it's no secret ;)
    And Bryce, my husband is on the third book of the hunger games and likes it too so I'm glad you're reading it! I love to talk about that series

  6. how can you be an accountant, like to run, and not read? i do all of the above. well, i'm an accountant, i don't really do accounting. how did you determine she doesn't read?

  7. She told me. I invited her to a book club and she told me she doesn't read.


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