Moab looks like Mars.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Have you ever logged on to blogger and noticed that you have about 6(million) posts that you have started but never completed because things are happening so fast that you just. can't. k e e e p. up?

No? Oh. ... Heh-heh. Me neither.

I'm on top of things. I mean, I was PLANNING on waiting this long to discuss our current adventures...

Way back two weeks ago (when I blogged here last), Scott and I headed to Moab, Utah where we met up with my Aunt and Uncle from Virginia, their kids, and my Grandma! I obviously don't see them often, so Scott and I knew that if my Grandma was as close as Moab, we had to take the 4 hour trip down. It also didn't take Scott long to agree to go to Moab seeing as it's the one place he's wanted to visit all summer long. I went for the family, he went for the sights, and Georgia went for ANOTHER big trip with her traveling act parents.

We drove into Moab at about 8:00pm- which was right at sunset. There was no way we could capture a picture of it, but all of the sudden, there were huge red rock walls, and the sky was a deep red-orange to match. I felt like I was on a different planet! It was truly breathtaking. But to top it all off, in front of us the rest of the drive was the most vibrant, beautiful, vertical rainbow shooting out of the red rock into the red sky.

God is great.

The other thing that Scott and I discovered on this trip is that we are hard-core vacationers. We CONQUER wherever we are going. We make a battle-plan and then we execute it seamlessly leaving no time wasted. We both come from families who are the same way, but I'd say we even surpass their intensity (if you don't believe me, check out our 10 day trip to Washington state here, here, here, here, here and here. Phew). So this last minute weekend trip to Moab threw us for a vacation loop. Especially when the gang we were staying with had no plan. They were doing what I can only guess "normal people" do on vacation... relax.

Since our philosophy is that you can relax at home, Scott, Georgia and I took the two days to do our own thing. We ended up just hiking around Arches but it was WONDERFUL.

Georgia was a little trooper. She was basically bathed in sunscreen, put in my sling, and then covered with a light-weight blanket. Her hat and her outfit made her look like she was ready for a Moab safari.

(FYI: You may see some pictures of Georgia not shaded from the sun- she was only uncovered for the few seconds it took to take the picture. She left Moab as white and pretty as when she got there :)

She slept most of the hikes, only to be woken up by us constantly checking on her and spraying her with peppermint oil water and holding her in front of the air conditioner after a hike. We also dealt with a lot of Europeans OBVIOUSLY whispering about us bringing a baby to hot-hot Moab, but it's ok. They don't know what great parents we are. Scott's family was also a bit worried about us taking her hiking, so we sent them this little low quality gem of a video:

(I'm sad you only see Georgie girls forehead in this...)

Of course, Georgia did get hungry and I nursed her under the Balancing Rock.

(When no tourists were around, I took off my cover for a second. It was only a second, but I felt tribal and free).

We spent two days hiking only Arches National Park before we went back home to Salt Lake, but we don't regret the trip. Scott got to see the Landscape Arch, and I got to see my Grandmother hold her Great-Granddaughter.


  1. Since I have never been to Moab, I can only half imagine what sounds like an absolutely beautiful view! Red rocks, red sky AND a rainbow? and I have the same sling! Isn't it great? I pull it more over my shoulder though, but maybe that's because I'm a wimp.

  2. Fantastic! I want to breastfeed my babies outside someday.

    Have you ever been reading someone else's blog, and been like, really jealous of their awesome adventures, not because you haven't had adventures, but because you've wished you could have adventures with the people in the blog your reading?

    No...? Heh neither.

  3. I am always tribal lol. I figure I see enough boobs for the wrong reasons, if someone happens to see mine while I'm using them for the right reasons I feel no remorse. Glad you guys had a memorable time!


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