Bloggers Block and Antsy Pants

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bloggers Block.
We've all suffered from it... right? Right? Am I RIGHT?
(yes, Brandilyn, that was an inside joke directed to you)

The past few weeks have been admittedly boring around here, and if you're still reading this, you have my apologies. I have not been feeling overly inspired the past two weeks.

Might have something to do with getting violently ill (thank you MSG)
Might have something to do with visiting Boise and then, for the first time in my life, becoming devastatingly homesick.
Maybe it has to do with working 40 hours a week with troubled youth that have both had horrible things done them and have done horrible things (it's weird what you begin to think is "normal" after a few conversations with the same kind of kids everyday).
Maybe it's the 3pm to 11pm swing shift.
Maybe it's the fact that Scott is officially done with school until August, but we still never see one another because our schedules are still opposite.
Could also be from spending all my waking hours thinking "how on EARTH are we going to fit a baby in this apartment?"

Maybe it's because my car and my house and my attitude all need to be cleaned up.

Whatever the reason, I'm getting pretty sick of it.
My madre says I'm just antsy.
I DO get antsy around this time of year. Doesn't everybody? I always look up crazy adventures to do like sky dive or something. This summer though, I'm pretty limited in what I can participate in. And instead of taking the healthy route and thinking: "there's always next summer" I just end up having an imagination attack of me sitting in my bathrobe, in an apartment that gets zero natural sunlight, holding a screaming baby, trying to get over postpartum depression.

See? I'm a ball of sunshine lately.

But like I said, I'm pretty sick of feeling this way and I PROMISE I'm still seeking happiness.
I go on a walk everyday in the sun and that's been helping.

Anyway, just know that there will be a special effort made on my part to be a bit more of a happy camper and therefore a more consistent blogger.

Pinky Swear.

Thanks for reading this, though. I don't often express my appreciation for my readers, but I really do feel grateful for this little cyber-support group. You guys are the best.


    i've been having blogger's block lately like whoa. hence my not-so-interesting posts.

  2. Sister Blackburn is moving out of a basement apartment that has some windows this week in the sugar house area. Its pretty big, but not two bedroom, I don't know if it has been rented out already...don't even know if you are interested. Just thought I would throw it out there.

  3. Anonymous6:22 PM

    It is SO NORMAL for us ABNORMALS to feel this way right now. Seriously the other day, I really really was just ready to go get a tattoo or move to someplace random and start from square one. But then.. I sit down on the couch because I am exhausted from just thinking about it. what troubled youth place are you working at? I worked with a outdoor program for troubled youth. Its a love, hate job for sure!

  4. I relate to you too. And adore you.

  5. Totally get it my friend. I feel ya. Hang in there!


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