Spring Break Update

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I have been MIA because it is my spring break and I have been doing nothing but lounging, eating, creating, and sleeping (when my back isn't killing me). Blogging seemed like "too much work" this week, if you could believe it! But I reserve my right to pick and choose my activities seeing as, starting Tuesday, I will be at my internship full time for about a month and half in order to stack up my hours and be done before baby comes.

Anyway, here's what I've been up to:

Anniversary Weekend

Scott and I went to Keys on Main in downtown Salt Lake last Friday night to see the "dueling pianos." I got a few comments from the staff seeing as they don't often get pregnant ladies in their bar, but since neither Scott or I drink anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal for us. We sat kind of up and away from the crowd so as not to get bumped around and there wasn't any smoking which was nice. We got virgin strawberry daquari's, some nacho's, and a never-ending flow of soda (the waitress didn't charge us for the soda and kept talking to me like I was four haha)! The show was really fun and funny and the pianists were pretty impressive. But, of course, the pianists know how to make their sense of humor match the decreasing intelligence of their drunk audience for tips, so... we left after about two hours (Ha)! It was fun while it lasted though!

On our actual anniversary, I didn't think we had anything planned, but Scott found out that The Melting Pot was celebrating National Cheese Day and giving away a free cheese fondue! We went and got a chocolate fondue on top of it and it was a.maz.ing. If you have a million dollars, I highly suggest you check out The Melting Pot next time you decide to go out to eat.

Chapman Ladies Night

Some of Scott's aunt's and cousins decided to put on a Chapman Ladies Night for all of us Chapman ladies. Now, the Chapman's are engineers who also happen to be amazing artists. Take a minute, and imagine the combination. Yeah. Their gingerbread house making nights are insane. Anyway, I was expecting to just get together with the girls and maybe have some good food but instead, I walked into THIS:

That's right, folks. Grandma Chapman purged her epic scrapbook room. She gave away everything you see on this table and then some. When I walked in, I drew a number and was given a gigantic pack of scrapbooking paper and embellishments to make the craft we were doing AND to take home. I was in heaven! It was so great to be able to chat with some of my favorite in-laws, I just loved it!

The lady of the hour: Grandma Chapman

Oh, and I FINALLY was able to hang out with Scott's cousin, Rachelle, who Scott has been dying for me to meet since before we got married. I knew we would get along when she recommended the duck face for our photo:

And here is my finished project for the night! We made frames out of pages from children's board books. I made this one for baby's room:

I have been crafting in the meantime, but figured I would do separate posts for those projects, so stay tuned! I'll be posting the lavender cookies I made last night later today!

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