MS Awareness Week

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MS awareness week is right now!
March 14-20
I just wanted to blog a little ditty in support of it :)

I only know one person who has MS. I learned about it through reading the blog of Jamie over at Inspired Mess. She lays everything out and still keeps a positive attitude. Her blog is indeed an inspiring place to be and you should check it out.
Again, I have no real personal and moving story about MS in my own life, but I have been deeply touched by reading Jamie's MS story which you can find here.

I found out that on April 30, 2011 there will be an MS walk in SLC and I decided to sign up and join in! I'll be in my third trimester and most likely walking alone but I think it's important (I also had a goal this year to run a 10K but I don't think that's gonna happen before my birthday, so walk a 5K it is).

It's free to sign up and walk so if you would like to join me at the Gateway in SLC April 30 that would be great (register here) but if you can't make it you can still contribute by donating any amount to my Walk MS personal page and help me reach my goal of raising $125!

If you do decide to donate, leave me a comment and I will do a drawing and send a HAPPY PACKAGE to you in the mail as a small prize/thank you for supporting a good cause! I will post later the contents but I just wanted to get the word out starting now!

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  1. This is just the sweetest!!! Thank you so much, Carrie! I'm honored to have inspired you. Seriously, this just touches my heart so very much! Thank you!!!


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