Adding some spring to my step

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because our apartment is downstairs, in a building AND facing a covered parking lot, we get very little natural sunlight in our life. This makes the inevitable spring fever I've been feeling increasing itchy. I decided that we NEEDED some spring around here and while I haven't done much, I've done a little and it makes me feel better.

1. Made spring pillows (just the one in the middle- I made another for the love seat)

2. Arranged my teeny-tiny window garden (more to come later this month) and print

3. Baked rosemary tea scones

4. And of course, added flowers. REAL, glorious flowers. I love daisies.

Meanwhile, I have been working like crazy with my internship, a small part-time job, and getting ready for the baby. In fact, we just ordered the crib.


Here's to combating seasonal affective disorder!


  1. Love the crib -- so cute and feminine. Setting up a nursery is so fun. Miss ya.

  2. can I be annoying and ask where the pink floral fabric is from? I'm loooving it! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Not annoying at all! The fabric was a wedding gift from 2 years ago. I was in love with it but it was $$$. I have been hoarding it this whole time before I just made the pillows. I believe it was from Home Fabrics.


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