To Snap or not to Snap?

Monday, January 10, 2011

So far, things in Utah have been great. The people I am going to have to associate with face to face on a regular basis have been kind and willing to help, and I went shopping at the Gateway which made me feel like that part of the Wizard of Oz when everything goes into color.

Logistically, however, everything is awful. And by logistical, I mean the fact that EVERYTHING is a 20 minute drive away.
Or that the most unkind drivers in the world somehow all banned together to live in the Salt Lake Valley.
Or that Wal-Mart's produce is always rotting.
Or that we live 1 min away from an LDS church, but to get to the one we're assigned we have to putter 6 minutes up hill (seriously folks, when it snows, we're not going to church. We won't be able to).
Or that University of Utah turns out to be like BYU-Idaho in that their systems break down on the first day of school too.
Or that my car is out of windshield washing fluid and I couldn't see anything.
Or that Scott's parents took the business GPS on vacation so I almost got into like 6 accidents today trying to read my Mapquest paper, which is soooo 2007.
Or that our grant money still hasn't come in yet.

You know what I mean? It's like in this great place with mountains that turn majestically purple around 4pm I AM HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES!

And Scott is having them too even! I feel like I have been pretty calm through all of these- taking a deep breath and saying to myself: "well, I missed that class because I couldn't register for it, but I'll just email the professor and the best I can do is go next time."

This technique has been working.

Because I don't freak out when big problems arise. I'm pretty good at breathing through those. Scott will snap though. Like he did today. I don't blame him. Anyone would have snapped if they had the day Scott did.

But I don't snap at big stuff. No. I snap at how disorganized my tupperware cabinet is. I snap at the internet going out. I full out bawl my face off when I miss a turn. And Scott looks at me like I'm a lunatic and I just cry and say: "You Just DON'T GET IT!"

Because he doesn't. Because he freaks out about once every other month like a normal person when things have gotten really really bad.
And I freak out about once every other week when I can't find my keys.

Does anyone else do this?


  1. I like to think most other people do this.

    I give you permission to snap if you need to. Then I will come to your house and hug you. And we will go to Oz, which is now what I'm calling the Gateway.

  2. I'm trying to decide if this is a secure place to make this comment:
    I also snap at the small things. We had some VERY challenging weekend guests over a holiday, and everything they did really, really bothered me. But, I didn't say a peep until one of them started in on Scott Pilgrim vs the World. A movie I like, but, overall, don't feel that strongly about. I channeled all my anger into this one discussion, and vehemently defended this movie like I'd financially backed it myself.

  3. *HUGS!* Just so you know, you're allowed to snap at little things... You're pregnant. lol. Frank runs for the hills when I have a bad day. (And I promise you, I turn into a crazy yetti-monster-person when I snap.)
    For example, last month I made enough dough for three batches of Christmas spritz cookies, only to find that my three holiday-themed cookie-press plates were missing... leaving me with the crappy, nonsensical ones. Frank walked in, I asked him where they were, because he does the dishes, and would have put them away... he threw them out. Ha! The flies on the wall were probably flying for their lives, trying to skillfully manuevre past the cookie press flying through the air on the way to the recycling bin... Frank stayed at his parents that night. lol

    Things will get better... try to relish the small things. :) Smile! Because you are BLESSED, and very, very, very LOVED.♥♥♥ (Even from far, far away.)

  4. Yes, a thousand times yes.

  5. Liz: A hug will always be reciprocated.

    Val: I consider you very smart (for a girl), and I am very pleased to know that even very smart people have moments like these.

    Racheal: I have not physically thrown anything at Scott, but I have said some things that probably felt like it. Don't you hate when you do that?

    Kathleen: Thank you. I'm glad to know I am not alone in this!

  6. Yes, I do this. I have sobbed more than once when lost. But I bet one day you'll walk into your apartment, smooch Scott, toss your keys down and think, "ah, it's nice to be home" and then be a little surprised that you feel like you are HOME.


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