A Surprising Story Regarding Kids at a Restaurant

Sunday, January 30, 2011

For most of us, we think of the above when we think of sitting across from a young family at a restaurant. Crazy, screaming kids and their parents who seem so desperate to have a night out they decide to ignore the deafening cries and flying food.

Tonight, Scott and I went to Chile's. We don't ever go out to eat (except for splitting the occasional $5 footlong at Subway) so I was weary when a couple sat down kitty-corner from us with three small children. Probably around the ages of 7, 5, and a little less than 2. I braced myself for what I assumed would be our loud dinner partners.

Can I just tell you how well-behaved these kids were?!
I was so impressed! And when the 2 year-old screamed and threw her crayons, it didn't take mom longer than 5 seconds to grab the little girl, the car keys, and be out the door.

So THAT'S why the other kids are so good.

Naturally, the littlest one was a mess by the end of the meal, but as we left and they finished I wanted so badly to thank them for their restaurant manners. I couldn't find a way to say it, though, with out it sounding like: "I've been staring at your children for the past hour and I like them."

But this is what blogs are for right?
I raise my blogger-glass to this family that fought against the stereotype at Chile's. May I follow their example when I have kids.


  1. Oh please next time TELL THEM how much you appreciated it and what an example of good parenting they were. They chose to take the harder road than just giving into their kids and they would appreciate a kind word from a stranger.

  2. Yes! We need more of them. Some people don't expect anything from their kids, and it makes parents look bad. :(

    I think Everyone goes through at least one bad eating out experience too though...

    We just go with the $5 subs...

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  4. I'm definitely on the same page as you are when it comes to children in restaurants. I also get really frustrated with parents who bring their children to concert or movies and don't scold them for being noisy. Your blog is really cute!


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