Hey there baby bump

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I woke up today and looked in the mirror and kind of gasped. Because I looked pregnant and not just fat! Yes, I still have some major love handles, but I can pretty much cover those babies up (no pun intended). But that little "bubble belly" as Scott calls it is here to stay. It varies in size through-out the day, but I'm happy to finally look like a pregnant woman instead of just saying I am one.

And if you have the feeling that there's something AWESOME on the left of the above picture, it's my jewelry organizer. I made out of broken full length mirror. Because I'm cool like that.

It's not ACTUALLY hanging on the wall crooked, but it's in a place that's awkward to get a photo of it.


  1. Carrie!! You are such an adorable pregnant lady! And I love your jewelry organizer! :)

  2. It's such a cool jewelry organizer that when people are using your bathroom, they look at how you made it, but then they can't get it back on the wall. . .

  3. hehe...you look as big as most ladies in my ward look when they are 9 months pregnant! You will have a "real" baby and not a little spec of one. It's in the genes.

  4. Yeah, mom I don't drink Boise water so my baby won't be a tiny basketball haha!


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