Scott and Carrie take the bus to school.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today, I had my first day of class at U of U. I only have one class there, and it starts at 8:35am. Because parking is ridiculous and expensive, Scott told me I had to take the bus. It's about an hour commute but it's free, he told me. Then, he gave me a 1500 step program of what bus to take, then where to get off to get on another bus, and then it all again to get back home. I was mortified. I demanded he come with me the first time around since I could NOT BE LATE for my first day of class and he happily obliged.

So, at 7:28 this morning, we stood at our bus stop. I was feeling nauseous, but what else is new? We caught a bus to downtown Salt Lake. It was NOT the bus number Scott gave me in my original directions, but apparently it was the right bus (see, without Scott I would have been lost before I even stepped foot off the curb). It was going straight to UofU and we considered that a miracle, because it would only take 30min instead of 60. Plus, I was grateful that the bus was warm.

And then the bus started to move. And by move I mean bounce all over the place. And by that I mean my stomach was bouncing all over the place. And I knew that my little pregnant nausea was actually in real trouble of showing it's nasty face to everyone on that bus. And that warmth of the bus suddenly became a sauna and I was tearing off my scarf and hat and gloves.

So I took a few deep breaths.
And some more deep breaths.

Scott kept saying: "We're almost there! We're almost there!"

Then I told him to ask the bus driver for a garbage can or a plastic bag. The bus driver snapped that he didn't have throw-up bags. But I saw his little trash can and just when I was about to take full advantage of it, we came to a bus stop. Desperate for fresh air, I leaped off the bus and threw up on the side of the sidewalk. Of course, there was a lady in a wheelchair getting on the bus meaning people were watching me the entire time she was slowly loaded. They saw my whole fiasco from beginning to end and it was not pretty.

Luckily, the bus stop I had spontaneously got off at was right next to the Trax system and the next ride was directly to where I needed to go. Another miracle. Although that 5min ride didn't help me out one bit, I made it.

I made it to my class. I didn't hear a ton of what was said because I was exhausted but I made it in time.

What a miracle, eh?


  1. This is not okay! I'm so sorry! I hate this story.

  2. If I was a bus driver, I would definitely have throw up bags.

  3. You wouldn't know that you are the granddaughter of a bus driver! Since Boise doesn't really have a bus system you are not use to riding a bus. You will get use to it. And you will love watching all the social work cases that will be riding the bus!

  4. i like this post because i often feel like, as bloggers, we only talk about the maaaagical date we went on with our husbands. or the things we heart about fall/winter/summer. or a bucket list of things to do this year (ha). but this...this is real life. real life is throwing up on the sidewalk in front of 20 people. and it sucks and it's awkward and embarrassing but it's real and you're gutsy enough to share it online. and i like that about you. but i'm really sorry this happened to you.

  5. Oh, Carrie. I want you to know that If I was there I would have made myself throw up just so you didn't have to throw up alone. I like everything about you.

  6. Carrie, I want you to know that you are loved and that everything is going to be okay.

    I know this is an oft-quoted phrase, but I love it: "If you're at the end of your rope, tie a not in it and hang on." ;)

    I'm praying for ya, sister!

  7. Oh Carrie! You poor thing! I'm very sorry this happened, but bring on the barf stories--they're great! ;)


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