Make a Cheesecake. Check.

Monday, January 24, 2011

As per your votes, this weekend I dove in and made myself a cheesecake. A lemon cheesecake. I was pretty nervous, but also really excited because I felt like creating something that would get me out of the uninspired funk I've been muddling through. It worked.

I was going to cheat and make a no-bake one, but I wanted to do this RIGHT. My assumptions that a no-bake cheesecake would in fact, be way easier were right. Because with cheesecake, the mixing and pouring is simple- it's the baking that can really screw it up.

I over-baked mine. Yes. It cracked. But I covered up the cracks nicely, no?

And what's a dessert without the cutest nieces ever?

My 5 year-old niece, Miriam couldn't even finish her slice because it was so sweet. 3 year-old Claire conquered hers.

I call both instances... success.


  1. Im REALLY hungry now... thanks for that. :)
    Ps. Your nieces are pretty stinkin' adorable.

  2. I've got to show these to the girls, they're going to crack up!


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