Hi. I'm feeling antsy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm feeling anxious. I don't know what to talk about on here

Most people who know me know that last week, I started my internship for my Bachelor's of Social Work. In the short time I have been interning, I have had some mighty adventures. Sometimes, I wish I could just spill all of them and tell you everything, but I highly value confidentiality so...*

Instead I want to talk about the other stuff I've been doing. But that's incredibly boring as well because it just consists of throwing up and looking at nursery's online.

Maybe I'll tell you about all the crazy adventures Scott and I have been having... but it's 10pm and he's still at work. I haven't really seen him all week.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: bear with me, folks.
I am determined to make my life more interesting.
And by interesting I mean trying to get some of my birthday goals checked off. I just can't decide what ones to do! Because my brain is having a hard functioning on creativity lately, I am asking for your help.

This weekend, what should I do?
HELP! But choose carefully because I'm going to blog about it whatever one wins ;)
You can vote until tomorrow at 7pm because that's when my weekend starts.

P.S. if you're here to read about baby updates: we find out the gender on Feb. 17 and because I'm excited, I posted a poll on the side in case you wanted to cast your vote on if it's a boy or a girl. Scott and I feel pretty sure it's a girl, but we shall see!

*If you're interested in knowing ABOUT the agency I work for: I am currently at Salt Lake Division of Youth Services. Youth Services is different from the juvenile court system, but does focus on crisis intervention for kids 0-18. There are a plethora of programs to help kids in crisis and transitional situations. Included are free counseling and therapy, prevention programs (anger management, girl empowerment, etc.), group homes, and temporary transitional facilities for children who are ungovernable, and a similar kind of place to stay for children who were in abuse/neglect situations and needed to be removed before they were able to have a foster placement.


  1. Okay, so I voted, but now I have to explain why I voted.

    Make a cheesecake - You are feeling sicker lately, and are sensitive to smells. Cooking could end up being really sucky. BUT if you do choose this one, it could be awesome.

    Make soap - Also an aroma issue.

    Juggle - Rome was not built in a day. Neither did any man or woman learn to juggle in a weekend.

    So my vote is dinner/movie date by your lonesome. Pros - Least time consuming, when that's a precious commodity. Fun. Lots of options in SLC. Time to slow down and relax. Gives Scott time to study/do homework/work if he needs to. Cons - Not as much time with Scott, if you need that.

    I'm excited to learn how your weekend goes! As for me and mine, homework and reorganizing the hall closet. Which I'm actually REALLY excited for. I've been collecting shoe-boxes for WEEKS.

    I love you.

  2. I just really want to see you juggle. (or try, whatever happens)

  3. MmMMMMMMmMMmmm Cheesecake. Do you think that will still taste good after a week in the mail?


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